Thursday, 9 March 2017

Forces avenir - Finaliste - Projet d'Engagement Communautaire au Kenya (PECK)

Forces avenir - Finaliste - Projet d'Engagement Communautaire au Kenya (PECK): A project committed to helping children at an orphanage in Wagusu break out of the cycle of poverty

The nature of our hearts can bring a significant change to our environment, more especially to the people we see around, but don’t necessarily live with them. As I am talking, there is a huge number of children in third world countries who are either partially or totally orphaned, they don’t get basic meals in a day, they suffer the cruelty of both freezing cold and hot sun due to lack of clothing, or die like rats in the bush due to lack of access to medical or emotional care. Hence, vast number of these children dies of malnutrition and poor living conditions that their widowed parents and unable guardians subject them to. Incredibly, there are quite a number of families in developed countries who are willing and able to support such children but either doesn’t know how to do it or are encounter lots of formidable obstacles that undermine their
success in doing so. KVCDP is out to eliminate these complicated and cost prohibitive adoption processes. This gap even persists widening as more orphaned children pass and poor families struggle in vain to find the resources to support.

KVCDP acts as a bridge to narrow and hopefully finally diminish this gap. We have identified these orphans and created a day care orphan center, and provide a healthy environment for the needy children of age bracket,2 years to 15 years, both boys and girls, giving them hope in life while seeking a loving and kind-hearted family or individual to support them. Together in
one spirit, and with your kind assistance, we can save souls, rebuild dwindling families, make the world a better place to live in by being a child's hope and reason for love and belonging in this world. You can also help children by sharing sponsorship with others. Can you
imagine how great it would feel changing a child's life forever by sponsorship? Sponsoring children from an orphan center is the best ways to give them proper care that they need while
families are preparing to adopt them. You can also Share a child’s sponsorship with the help of
your church, family members, friends and relatives. Your support would highly be
appreciated however small. Your participation in an activity to help children left vulnerable
or orphaned by AIDS would also act as a way of fighting hunger and alleviating poverty in Wagusu - Bondo District. 

With your generosity as a donor to contribute in a bid to rekindle the lives of these children, we can build a new adoption orphanage and support the existing one. Our funding stems only from donations from individuals, businesses, and private foundations assembled together, all these provide the financial support needed to operate the orphanage and provide care for
the children. In addition to sustaining life, donations help buy seeds for crops, train caregivers, pay for chicken feeds, and more. Your gift or donation to KVCDP-, donate to save a life will bring you the joy of knowing you are helping save children's lives.

Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project.YWCA-Parkview Suites, Ground FloorNyerere Road, opposite Central Park P.o Box 4473-00200, Nairobi- Kenya.Tel : +254 20 2222237Direct Line : +254 20 2222237Hotline : +254 720 453 857SMS : +254 722 760 661 or +254 720 453 857Email : info@kvcdp.org

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